Peerless Steam Boilers

Peerless Steam Boilers represent another option for hydronic home heating. The Peerless 211A steam boiler is manufactured to exceed federal government and building design standards for efficiency. Available in sizes to fit any home, the 211A Peerless boiler achieves an AFUE rating of 80 percent. Again, this efficiency ensures the lion’s share of a home heating bill goes directly into warmth and comfort. As with other gas steam boilers, the 211A can be configured to use either natural or LP gas as fuel. Across the product line, the Peerless natural gas boiler can output from 504,000 to 7,560,000 BTUs of heat per hour. At the top of the line, able to create over 7 million BTUs of heat, the 211A is a perfect Peerless commercial size boiler.

Peerless 211a steam boiler

Even in the smallest model of 211A, the 211A-04, includes a 31 gallon tank for maximum water capacity. The 211A’s large capacity makes them top of the line gas steam boilers. The largest 211A, the 211A-19, holds an impressive 150 gallons of heating water.

The Peerless 211A utilizes a cast iron heat exchanger for equal parts efficiency and longevity. An optional three-stage firing system can be modulated to ensure the fire burns at the minimum required temperature. Allowing the fire to modulate lower in warmer months helps to ensure the Peerless 211A’s continued energy efficiency. The ability to be vented either vertically or horizontally allows the 211A to be installed in low-clearance spaces. Additionally, the 211A is designed for optimal access; both ends of the unit’s jacket can be opened for cleaning and inspection. This removes the hassle often involved in removing a boiler’s entire jacket for every service call.